Sentient Lang.

Sentient is experimental

Sentient is an experimental programming language. It was created by Chris Patuzzo out of desire to create high-level abstractions for declarative programming. It solves a very specific kind of problem and you probably aren’t go to write your next web app with it.

In fact, Sentient isn’t Turing complete. It is a Total programming language – it is fully decidable and does not suffer the Halting problem. That drastically limits what it can do. For example, recursive function calls are not supported and never will be.

Despite these limitations, Sentient strives to be an expressive and capable programming language. Under the hood, it uses state-of-the-art SAT solvers to rapidly find solutions. This is a field under active development and it means that Sentient grows more powerful with each improvement. It brings cutting-edge research to the masses.