Sentient Lang.


This section contains a list of SAT solvers that are supported by Sentient. These solvers can be used as backends for running Sentient programs using the machine option of the command-line interface. It may be the case that a particular solver is better suited to solving certain types of problem.

Sentient uses the MiniSat solver by default and this is the only supported solver when using the JavaScript API. In order to use other solvers via the command-line interface, they must be installed separately. If a solver is used that isn’t installed, Sentient will error and output an installation script that might be helpful.

Please note that it is your responsibility to to ensure you comply with the license for the solver you intend to use. Links to each solver’s license can be found on the pages in this section. If you would like to add support for another solver, please get in touch by opening an issue on the project.