Sentient Lang.

Hello, world!

Our ‘Hello, world!’ example won’t actually print ‘Hello, world!’. Instead, we’re going to be writing a simple program that finds three numbers that add up to ten. To begin with, create a file called ‘ten.snt’ and add the following lines:

int a, b, c;

invariant a + b + c == 10;
invariant a > 0, b > 0, c > 0;

expose a, b, c;

We’ll go through this program in more detail in a minute. For now, save the file and run ‘sentient ten.snt’. You should see the following output:


As you can see, Sentient has successfully found three numbers that add to 10. Notice that we didn’t tell Sentient how to find an answer, we just described what we wanted and Sentient figured the rest out for itself.